Jessica Kingsley Publishers Counselling the Person Beyond Alcohol Problem

At the heart of Richard Bryant Jefferies' work with problem drinkers is his belief in power and effectiveness of person centred approach to counselling. He suggests that many alcohol problems develop out of, or are connected with, relation


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Ullstein eBooks Die Poesie der Naturwissenschaften

Richard Dawkins erzählt die Geschichte seines Lebens von der Kindheit im kolonialen Afrika über Studium in Oxford bis zur Karriere als einer einflussreichsten Wissenschaftler weltweit. Er berichtet seiner Ankunft im Flower Power Kal


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Oxford University Press In Search of the Black Fantastic

Prior to the 1960s, when African Americans had little access to formal political power, black popular culture was commonly seen as a means of forging community and effecting change. But as Richard Iton shows in this provocative insig


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Lexington Books The Chaplain's Presence and Medical Power

Why is loss present but rarely spoken of in the hospital system? How does such silence carry over to practices of chaplains who accompany dying patients and grieving families? Richard Coble critically examines his experiences as a


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Oxford University Press Typing Politics

The power of political blogs in American politics is now evident to anyone who follows it. In Typing Politics, Richard Davis provides a comprehensive yet concise assessment of the growing role played by and their relations


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Free Press Abuse Of Power

Richard Nixon said he wanted his administration to be "the best chronicled in history." But when Alexander Butterfield disclosed existence of a voice activated taping system to a Senate committee in July 1973, Nixon's White House


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Fortress Press Jesus and the Powers

Refuting a false dichotomy between "politics" and "religion" in Jesus' world (and our own), the Powers rediscovers response to imperial power of his day. Richard A. Horsley describes relevance of political realities under


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PANINI X men Fantastic four 4x

Tous les mutants ont déménagé sur Krakoa suite aux événements de la saga fondatrice House of X Powers of X de Jonathan Hickman. Tous... sauf un : FranklinRichards. Le fils de Reed et Susan se trouve face à un dilemme. Est il un ou un Fantastique ? Une question qui va inévitablement faire entrer en conflit deux familles de héros, d'autant Fatalis s'en mêle ! La dernière mini série associant directement X Men et Fantastiques date de 1987.Aujourd'hui,


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Zed Books Power Shift

A sophisticated interpretation of geopolitics from a progressive perspective, which doesn't currently exist, and offers a critique of mainstream thinking Richard Falk is a big name, as an author, UN official, media participant, he has a


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