Sage Publications Pvt. Ltd Sexual Sites, Seminal Attitudes

Discussions on sexuality in the South Asian context have tended to focus largely on men`s preoccupations through notions such as `semen anxiety`. Another restrictive framework is excessive importance ascribed to religion in everyday life. The


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Humana Press The Dopamine Receptors

As sites of action for drugs used to treat schizophrenia and Parkinson's disease, dopamine receptors are among the most validated targets neuropsychiatric disorders. Dopamine also or potential other


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University of Chicago Press Conversionary Sites

Drawing on more than two years of participant observation in the American Midwest and in Madagascar among Lutheran clinicians, volunteer laborers, healers, evangelists, former missionaries, Conversionary Sites investigates role of


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Routledge Contested Sites in Jerusalem

Contested Sites in Jerusalem is the third and final volume in a series of books which collectively present in detail work of Old City Initiative, or JOCI, a major Canadian led Track Two diplomatic effort, undertaken betw


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Springer On Location

On Location: Heritage Cities and Sites merges the material social perspectives of preservation historical interpretation in urban landscapes. The essays in this volume focus on life of cities large scale


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Cambridge University Press Bioarchaeology

Human remains recovered from archaeological sites can help us interpret lifetime events such as disease, physiological stress, injury and violent death, physical activity, tooth use, diet demographic history of once living populations. This is


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CRC Press Copper Proteins and Enzymes

These volumes of Copper Proteins and Enzymes are intended to describe the contemporary spectroscopy other biophysical chemistry now being applied to copper proteins in order to determine structures of their active sites. Several cha


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Springer Prehistoric Cultural Ecology and Evolution

Offering the most comprehensive study of southern Jordan, this illuminating account presents detailed data from over a hundred archaeological sites stretching Lower Paleotlithic to Chalcolithic periods. The author uses


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Bloomsbury Academic Craft Economies

Craft Economies provides a wide ranging exploration of contemporary craft production, situating practices of amateur and professional making within a wider creative economy. Contributors address a diverse range of practices, sites for


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Springer Archaeological Heritage in a Modern Urban Landscape

Archaeological Heritage in a Modern Urban Landscape evaluates issues about the preservation, social role management of archaeological sites in Trujillo area, north coast of Peru, specifically those of Moche culture (100 800 AD


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