Routledge Consuming Families

This book explores contemporary families as sites of consumption, examining the changing contexts of family life, where new forms of are altering how is practised and produced, addressing key social issues childhood obesit


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Oxford University Press Strategies of Peace

How can a just peace be built in sites of genocide, massive civil war, dictatorship, terrorism, and poverty? In Strategies of Peace, the first volume in Studies in Strategic Peacebuilding series, fifteen leading scholars propose an im


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OUP Oxford The Handbook of Zooarchaeology

Animals have played a fundamental role in shaping human history, and the study of their remains from archaeological sites zooarchaeology has gradually been emerging as a powerful discipline crucible for forging an understanding of our past


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Bloomsbury Academic Empowering Communities through Archaeology and Heritage

Peter G. Gould seeks to identify the success factors associated with economic development projects within communities adjacent to archaeological or heritage sites, a growing interest among archaeologists and managers. Typically,


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University Alabama Press The Swift Creek Gift

A unique dataset for studying past social interactions comes from Swift Creek Complicated Stamped pottery that linked sites throughout much of the Eastern Woodlands but was primarily distributed over lower Southeast. Although connections


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Palgrave Macmillan Virtual Dark Tourism

This book takes the concept of "dark tourism" journeys to sites of death, suffering, and calamity in an innovative yet essential direction by applying it to virtual realms of literature, film television, Internet, gaming. Essays fo


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Palgrave Macmillan Performance, Feminism and Affect in Neoliberal Times

This book is a provocative new study of global feminist activism that opposes neoliberal regimes across several sites including Asia, Australia, Canada, Europe, Latin America and the United States. The performative acts featured in bo


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Springer Feasible Management of Archaeological Heritage Sites Open to

Archaeological sites opened to the public, and especially those highly photogenic that have achieved iconic status, are often major tourist attractions. By opening an archaeological to tourism, threats opportunities will emerge. The


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Springer Archaeological Heritage in a Modern Urban Landscape

Archaeological Heritage in a Modern Urban Landscape evaluates issues about the preservation, social role management of archaeological sites in Trujillo area, north coast of Peru, specifically those of Moche culture (100 800 AD


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Springer The Archaeology of Maritime Landscapes

Maritime cultural landscapes are collections of submerged archaeological sites, or combinations of terrestrial that reflect the relationship between humans water. These can range in size from a single beach


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