University of Toronto Press, Scholarly Publishing Division Making National

For almost a century, Canadian newspapers, radio and television stations, now internet sites have depended on the Press agency for of their (and, through its international alliances) foreign news. This book pro


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Oxford University Press Strategies of Peace

How can a just peace be built in sites of genocide, massive civil war, dictatorship, terrorism, and poverty? In Strategies of Peace, the first volume in Studies in Strategic Peacebuilding series, fifteen leading scholars propose an im


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OUP Oxford The Holy Land

Of immense significance to Judaism, Christianity, and Islam, the Holy Land has been attracting visitors since fifth century BC. Covering all main sites both in city of Jerusalem throughout including 150 high


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University of Chicago Press Conversionary Sites

Drawing on more than two years of participant observation in the American Midwest and in Madagascar among Lutheran clinicians, volunteer laborers, healers, evangelists, former missionaries, Conversionary Sites investigates role of


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Editions L'Harmattan Les territoires du virtuel: Mondes de synthèse (MMORPG),

Au virtuel sont associées de nombreuses significations si bien que celui ci se dérobe très souvent à l'analyse. Parmi elles, certaines renvoient au domaine de la technique, d'autres tiennent le pour un concept, enfin s


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Pluto Press Information Politics

Conflict over information has become a central part of twenty first century politics and culture. The sites of struggle are numerous, the actors beyond count. Currents of liberation exploitation course through debates about Edward Snowden


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Red Globe Press Psychology of the Media

From newspapers to social networking sites, the mass media play a huge role in shaping way we see ourselves and others. In this engaging introduction, Giles explores relationship with media, looking at effects of advertising


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Springer Historical Archeology of Tourism in Yellowstone National Park

Far too often in the? eld of archeology, wheel of understanding insight has a narrow focus that fails to recognize critical studies. Crucial information rega pivotal archeological investigations at a variety of sites worldwide is extr


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Channel View Publications Industrial Heritage Tourism

This book examines the complex interplay between industrial heritage and tourism. It serves to stimulate meaningful dialogue about socioeconomic values of sites use of for growth of creative economy, to b


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Springer The Archaeology of Interdependence

The publication explores the ways in which archaeological research can inform us about manner and motives of European involvement in development of a sovereign United States. five chapters focus on different sites (four


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